July 25, 2016

Neighborhood Housing Services of Kansas City, Inc. (NHS) continues on-line homebuyer education services.

NHS has partnered with E Home, a NeighborWorks® sponsored on-line homebuyer training course to help meet the increasing need for homeowner counseling. NHS is a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency and a NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center.

“With our long history of providing the best homeownership training in the region, NHS understood very quickly that our regularly scheduled monthly classes would be insufficient to handle the volume of homebuyers who would come into the process,” explained Marjorie Major, HomeOwnership Center Manager. “We are preparing to launch classes in Spanish , so adding more classroom sessions at this time is difficult. By using E Home to help fill this the gap, it allows us the opportunity to provide the service the clients need, and to complete the offering of a service we had considered for some time.”

Potential homebuyers are cautioned about which on-line classes to take. “These classes are approved by HUD only if the person taking the class also receives an in person or telephone review with a counselor at the HUD Certified Agency offering the course,” said Turner Pettway, President and CEO of NHS. “There are agencies in town that are representing themselves to consumers as a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency or a NeighborWorks® Organization when they are not.”

To register for the E Home online class please visit https://ehomeamerica.org/register.php or to enroll for classroom training, visit the NHS website at www.nhsofkcmo.org.

Neighborhood Housing Services is a NeighborWorks® Chartered Member, and is located at 616 E 63rd St Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64110. Our mission is to revitalize and maintain urban neighborhoods as vibrant areas that attract people who value diversity, historic architecture, security and community.

If you would like to assist with supporting the programs and services offered by Neighborhood Housing Services,  please sent donations to the NHS offices, or through our on-line donation program. Please visit our website at www.nhsofkcmo.org for more information about Neighborhood Housing Services programs and services.