NHS focuses its involvement in several neighborhoods on the Missouri side of the Greater Kansas City Area. This list provides the boundaries that define each of these core neighborhoods. Additionally, NHS has completed projects in each of Kansas City’s six council districts: Blue Springs, Independence, Raytown, Grandview, Buckner, Olathe, Prairie Village, Lenexa, and Overland Park.

Beacon Hill
19th to 31st, Troost to Paseo

Center City
Linwood to Armour, Troost to Paseo

Squier Park
35th to 39th, Troost to Paseo

Manheim Park
39th to 47th, Troost to Paseo

49th to 63rd, Oak to Paseo

South Hyde Park
39th to 47th, Gillham to Troost

North Hyde Park
31st to Armour, Gillham to Troost

25th to 31st, Gillham to Troost

Marlborough Community Coalition
75th to 87th, Troost to Prospect

Ruskin Heights Homes Association
Bennington to Bristol, Longview to 107th