About NHS


About NHS

NHS has two distinct departments: Homebuyer Education & Counseling, and Community Relations.

NHS educates and assist individuals on the process of buying a home, obtaining mortgage loans, and responsible homeownership post purchase. Education Classes accounting for 37% of the clientele, Pre-Purchase Counseling 43%, and Post-Purchase Counseling 20%.

Grant monies and private donations make it possible for the NHS to have access to the funds needed to assist people in loans or making repairs. Partnerships with the City of Kansas City are leveraged to get people into city funded programs. NHS will be continue to look for ways to reach more individuals who need homeownership education.

Community Relations is ground zero for working with neighborhood associations and individuals to improve the community. The goal is to provide the residents with resources for working through city regulations, resolving disputes, and community betterment.

NHS works with community members on a daily basis to ensure questions are answered and problems resolved. NHS has an unwavering commitment to improving the neighborhoods and the lives of those living there.