Invitations to Bid

NHS solicits bids from qualified contractors to perform home repair services to residential homes in Kansas City, Missouri.

City of Kansas City, Missouri certified MBE, WBE, and Section 3 contractors are strongly encouraged to bid.

This site will be updated as current bid solicitations become available.

Current Invitations:


Contractor Qualifications – Each contractor submitting a bid for work must have a contractor application on file with NHS or enclose a completed application with all requested attachments.

Pre-Bid Site Visit – The items to be repaired at a site are detailed in the Bid Announcement for the bid opportunity. A site visit, to perform a walk-through of each project, is listed on the first page of the Bid Announcement. The site visit will include a walk-through and a brief discussion of the items to be repaired on each project.

Bid Submission and Deadline – All bids must be submitted on the appropriate bid forms included in the invitation to bid. All bids must be RECEIVED at the NHS office at the time specified in the Bid Announcement to be considered. Late submissions are not accepted. Please submit your bid(s) to the contact listed on the first page of the Bid Announcement.

Additional Information – Please note that submission of a bid for work at a particular address does not constitute a contract between NHS and the contractor. NHS reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Contractors selected to perform work will be required to sign a contract.
If you wish to be notified when additional Notices of Request for Bid are available, or for additional information not covered here, please send contact us.