Neighborhood Housing Services of Kansas City, Inc. has a rich history of partnering with the City of Kansas City, Missouri to provide Minor Home Repair services for qualified homeowners in designated neighborhoods. Over the last ten years, projects averaged $9,946 per home project. These valuable services allowed seniors to the opportunity to age in place and remain a viable member of the community. Our priorities are the blind, disabled and the elderly. The contractors in the program are all Section 3 Certified women and minority owned businesses. All work comes with a warrantee and meets all local construction codes.

Over the last ten years we have invested $1,322,925 in the Minor Home Repair program and worked on 150 homes. The funds for the program are Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and come in the form of a reimbursement.

Only 1% of the homeowners in the Kansas City Metro area are low income and 16% are moderate income. All programs administered by NHS of Kansas City, Inc. are focused on low-to-moderate-income households. As banks pursue the other 83% of the home buying and home owning market, low-to-moderate-income households are left with very few options to purchase or renovate property. NHS of Kansas City, Inc. has loaned over $4 million dollars to low and moderate-income households for home improvements, home purchases, home renovations and currently service the entire portfolio.

NHS of Kansas City, Inc. partnered with local developers to provide over 180 units of affordable housing in the Squier Park, Manheim Park, Ivanhoe and the Santa Fe neighborhoods. The five developments are the Parkway Apartments, Squier Park Townhomes, Twin Elms (seniors), Bancroft School Apartments and Justin Place Apartments. James B. Nutter Mortgage Company and the City of Kansas City, Missouri provided NHSKC with vacant lots to build 45 new construction homes along The Paseo Boulevard/Martin Luther King Boulevard and in Squier Park. These homes helped maintain the character and value of the homes as new home owners saw the opportunity to live close to downtown and many other Midtown amenities.